7 Benefits of Playing Basketball

Are you a sports fan who loves basketball? How many times have you heard your father claim that you can grow stronger and taller if you participate in this game? The truth is that your father may have been correct in regards to what he said about becoming stronger and taller. Moreover, playing basketball also comes with many other health benefits.

1. Burn Calories.

Are you looking for an effective way of losing weight? If your answer is yes, then you might want to participate in basketball. That is because there are a lot of jumping, running and lateral movements involved in this particular sport. According to the women’s health experts at Healthful, “an individual weighing approximately 165 pounds can eliminate about 600 calories for playing basketball for an hour.

2. Improves Cardiovascular Health.

Playing basketball can also help improve cardiovascular health. That is because your heart rate continues to increase each time you run or jump.” That means you can maintain a healthy heart and prevent heart diseases and even stroke if you participate in this particular game.

3. Helps Build Strength

Another benefit of playing basketball is that this sport helps you build strength. “Unlike other sports that only target certain parts of the body, basketball is a great way to train your entire body while having fun with friends” says health consultant Vicki Witt. “Basketball can help you tone your lower back, core muscles, deltoids and even strengthen your neck and arms”.

4. Enhance Bone Strength.

Canberra weight loss hypnotherapist Ilona says, “The physical activity involved in this game helps in building and improving bone strength. You also need to understand that any exercise that involves weight-bearing helps in the development of fresh bone tissues, and as a result, the bones become stronger.” Therefore, by playing basketball, you can enhance both your bones and muscles.

5. Helps Develop Better Motor And Coordination Skills

Basketball is a game that requires full-body coordination and hand-eye coordination. Therefore, you can improve these two skills if you participate in this particular game. Hand-eye coordination can be improved by dribbling the ball and improving full-body coordination when rebounding shots.

6. Enhance Mental Development.

Basketball is a sport that requires players to rely on their physical skills. Besides being a quick-paced game that requires the use of physical skills, players are also required to act and think quickly as well. Moreover, as a player, you also have to stay focused at all times and keep an eye on both your teammate and the opponents. Players are also required to respond quickly and take less time to make decisions.

7. Develop Concentration And Self-Discipline.

Caboolture upholstery expert Peter, who plays Basketball every week say’s, “When it comes to playing basketball, there are a set of rules that players are required to follow. Breaking of these rules can lead to serious disciplinary action or penalties. Such rules help players develop self-discipline and as a result, encourages them to become more competitive in playing basketball. Moreover, this game also teaches you how to stay alert and focused.” According to Jakob basketball has helped him in his personal life but also at work.

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