8 Benefits Of Professional Pet Grooming

Ever considered hiring a professional groomer for your fur baby? 

Pet grooming is essential for your pet’s good health and looks. However, it can be challenging to do these tasks at home, which is why it can be a good idea to consider the benefits of using a professional pet grooming service.

1. Healthy Grooming

A professional pet grooming service knows exactly how to make your pet look good without causing any injuries. If you try to groom your pet at home, you might find yourself hurting your beloved pet with scratches, cuts, or even skin irritations.

A pet grooming service, on the other hand, will thoroughly inspect your pet’s paws for punctures, thorns, or cuts. If any of these are detected, antiseptic solutions are applied to ensure that your pet isn’t infected.

If your pet suffers from a skin condition, a groomer will only use the most suitable products to ensure that your pet’s skin is protected. If you try to groom your pet at home and he/she suffers from a skin condition, you might actually end up causing skin irritations.

2. Trouble-Free Nail Trimming

Pets such as dogs require nail trimming at least once every month. The chiropractic experts at Active Back Care explain that this can be painful for your pet. They note “pet nails can often get chipped on modern driveways and hard surfaces if they grow too long.” 

For a vast majority of pet owners, however, nail trimming is one of the most dreaded tasks. Dogs don’t enjoy it and it is easy to cut the nail too short. A professional pet groomer will know exactly how to make your pet cooperate and the nails to a suitable size.

Unclipped nails on pets can cause severe damage to your home.

“We need to go in and repair electrical that has been severely scratched by pets,” says electrical rewiring company TPE Services, “Not only can this be an expensive thing to fix, it can also be really dangerous for your pets”.

3. Professional Hair Cuts

You will find certain dog breeds that have continuously growing hair. Such dogs require haircuts and a professional pet grooming service knows exactly how to give your pet the perfect style.

4. The Right Grooming Supplies

Pets have different needs just like humans. 

For instance, long-haired pets will require different grooming supplies than short-haired pets. Professional groomers know this and use the most suitable grooming supplies to avoid irritations and to ensure the best results.

5. Enjoyable Massage

Massaging your pet can be difficult if you don’t know the layout of your pet’s muscle groups. A professional groomer, however, can give your pet a healthy and pleasurable massage that helps your pet relax. 

According to the 1300 numbers expert Neil Royle, dogs, just like humans, sometimes require stress relief like us. “A good way to do this is with a professional doggy massage. A good massage has numerous health benefits for your pet such as stimulating his/her circulatory system and de-stressing the pet.”

6. Detection of Early Warning Signs

Professional groomers are familiar with pet anatomy and if they notice any abnormalities such as rashes, skin discolouration, lumps, bald patches, skin lesions, gum discolouration or bleeding, they can detect early warning signs of disease. 

Gold Coast supplement retailer Gurks Gurgur explains “this is often the case because when treating a patient, you’ll tend to pay close attention to their physical anomalies.” 

7. Parasite Detection

A properly trained professional pet groomer can immediately tell you if your pet has parasites. They will check the pet’s coat for fleas, the ears for ear mites as well as other parasites that might not be immediately visible to you.

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