Reasons To DIY Pest Control

Once you discover that you have a pest problem it is generally the first reaction of people to want to deal with it.  It could be that you have discovered ants, mice, birds, possums or another type of creature that has invaded your home.  It could be that you may want to contact a pest control company, it is not always the best plan.  In this article, you will learn about the many reasons why you should use DIY pest control.

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You Can Save Money and Customize Your Products

You Control the Measures
It is Very Satisfying to Solve Problems
What Types of Pests Will Infest Your Home?

You Can Save Money and Customize Your Products

Pest control companies charge a lot of money for their services.  They charge money to come to your home, to assess the issue and to look around.  All of these charges are payable by you, even if the pest control company does nothing at all when they come out to your home.  Once the representative has had a look around they will probably provide you with an estimate based on the problem that they see that needs to be dealt with.

Once you have a look at the estimate that is provided, you may be extremely shocked.  In addition to a list of recommended products, the pest control company will create a schedule where they will be coming out to your home on a regular basis to deal with changing out pest control products and re-assessing the situation.  The pest control company will charge you for each return visit and all of the products that they use.  You may even be required to sign a contract.

When you purchase your own DIY pest control products you can spend as much or as little as you like, based upon your needs.  Pest control companies may charge more money based on the fact that a product has been utilized, even if it is only a portion of that product.  You can choose a product that meets your needs and fits into your budget.  You can also purchase more of a product if you use it all if and when you need it.

You Control the Measures

If you are against killing certain pests including mice, rats, possums and other furry critters, then you will probably be against hiring a pest control company.  Many pest control companies will use poisons and traps that kill these critters instead of live trapping and releasing them.  The reason is simple.  It is easier and faster to eliminate pests by killing them than by live trapping them.  If you use DIY pest control, you can easily purchase live traps that you can use to catch and release pests.

Using a DIY pest control method means that no critters will be harmed and you can re home them to another area, far away from your home.  It’s true that it is easier to kill pests, but there are people who can’t imagine killing anything and if you are one of those people, you need to use live traps for pest control. The best result is to capture as many pests as possible and then drive them at least five kilometers away from your home so that they won’t find their way back.

It is Very Satisfying to Solve Problems

When you are experiencing an intense pest problem, it is very satisfying to discovery the source of the infestation, eliminate the areas where the pests are getting into your home or are living and deal with the infestation.  Once you get rid of the pest problem you can take great satisfaction in the fact that you dealt with the problem from start to finish on your own entirely.  The process of dealing with infestation is to firstly identify the type of pest, trace it back to it’s initial source, purchase a product that will effectively eliminate the pests and use that product to solve the problem.  Once the pests are gone, seal up any areas where future pests could access your home using expanding foam, caulking and any other types of products that will help to get the job done.  Clean up and repair any damage caused by the pest infestation and keep a watch on the area to quickly identify and eliminate any other pests that may arrive to reinfest your home.

What Types of Pests Will Infest Your Home?

The most common pests that homeowners discover include:

  • Ants
  • Mice
  • Rats
  • Spiders
  • Possums
  • Birds
  • Snakes
  • Cockroaches

If you discover any of these pests, you can easily find DIY pest control products that are both affordable and effective.  Don’t let the thought of using these various products worry you.  All DIY pest products are created with the homeowner in mind.  They have been designed to ensure that a layperson can use them easily while eliminating their pest problems.  Just navigate over to to explore the countless options listed that will help you with your pest dilemmas.  Many homeowners do not want to use toxic chemicals or poisons and Pestrol offers plenty of non-toxic options.  Pestrol is a company that cares about homeowners and wants to offer products that meet their needs while taking care of the immediate problem.  If you believe that your only option regarding pests is to call an expensive pest control company, then you are mistaken.

Once you explore the options that are available at, you will see that this company has truly considered an option for every possible pest problem.  This company also considers feedback from customers and ensures that the products that they offer are the ones that will provide their customers with solutions to eliminate pests.  Once you have determined that you are dealing with a pest problem, your next step is to find the right product to eliminate that problem.  Pestrol offers a wide range of products that are effective and affordable.  There are no contracts or hidden costs, what you see is what you get and you can return to purchase more of something if you need to.

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