Benefits Of Commercial Solar Powered Lighting

Many company owners believe that commercial solar powered lighting is designed for large companies that make massive profits, but this is an incorrect way of thinking. It does not matter whether a company is large or small, the use of commercial solar powered lighting can have a great impact on the way that your business lighting is powered and will assist you in making great strides towards lowering your environmental impact.

In recent years, the once high cost of solar panels has been declining due in part to several factors:

  • The equipment is less costly, so these solar powered lighting units are within reach of just about any business, large or small.
  • Many countries have implemented tax incentives for companies that utilize renewable energy.
  • Solar power has now become one of the most affordable energy sources worldwide.

The main reason why solar power is so affordable now is because silicon-based solar photovoltaic panels are much lighter, more flexible and less costly to produce.  The cost of solar panels can be a substantial outlay for a company that is just starting out, so tax incentives and rebates can take the sting out of the spend. There are so many great benefits to solar energy and here are seven of them:

The Reduction of Operating Costs.

This might seem like an obvious reason, however, the energy savings can be as much as 75% when you choose commercial solar lighting. Imagine a large warehouse full of lighting that costs thousands of dollars per month being reduced up to 75%. Those funds could go to your profit centre or to pay other costs and can take the sting out of monthly expenses.

Incentive Based on Performance.

If you install solar powered lighting and you are saving energy over time, there are certain incentives and you may be able to get paid for any electricity that your solar installations produce. These incentives can help to recover the costs that are associated with the installation of your commercial solar lighting. If you are considering this, it is best to work with a qualified commercial solar lighting installation expert to ensure you qualify for these special incentives.

Green Reputation

Not only will you save money when you proceed to have commercial solar lighting installed, you will automatically reduce your carbon footprint on the world. There are no greenhouse gasses released with solar lighting and that means no nasty chemicals are released into the air. When you have the visible panels on your building people see them and see your company as being environmentally conscientious and this will increase your popularity. It will also open up your company to funding and grant opportunities. Employees who are looking for opportunities with forward thinking and environmentally friendly companies will also take note.

Tax Credits, Deductions and Rebates

Your company may be eligible for various tax credits, deductions and rebates. Many business owners can get an instant tax credit right after installation and this can be a serious help when you are looking at reducing annual costs. The amount of the tax credits, deductions and rebates vary based on what part of the country your business is in, but it is worth looking into.

Increase in Property Value

If you own the building where you conduct business, you can increase the value of your property by installing commercial solar lighting. Properties that have commercial solar lighting systems attract tax credits, so they will not increase property taxes in the way that other property improvements would. If you purchase the equipment and have it professionally installed by experts then you can include that increased value for resale purposes.

Low Maintenance

Commercial solar lighting options can last between 25 and 35 years and do not require very much maintenance at all.  You will only need to clean the panels annually so that they operate correctly. You can also protect yourself and your business by keeping the rising cost of electricity away from your business.

If you have decided that you would like to install commercial solar lighting, the final price can vary based on a wide range of factors from the area you do business in to the process of obtain the proper permits and labour for installation. It is always worth it to have commercial solar lighting installed, so if you have been considering it, now is the time to pull the trigger and get started. Contact a local company that has the knowledge and experience in this type of lighting and its installation so that you can get the best benefit.

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