5 Best Last-Minute Halloween Costumes

For most of us, 2020 has been one of the shortest years that we’ve ever experienced. In essence, time seems to have gone out of the window. However, Halloween is coming soon again. So, if you’re in a huff about what to wear this October 31st, then read on as we dive into some exciting DIY ideas. 

1 – Face Paint Is Your Friend

If you’ve ever seen sugar skulls, then you’ll know where we’re headed. 

For cake designer Pearl Toh, face pain is always a last-minute lifesaver. “With face paint, you can create basically whatever you want really. It also doesn’t take forever to prepare. It definitely doesn’t take a lot of planning either!”

Sugar skulls are the prime example of just how important face paint is. These works of art are a huge part of the Mexican heritage with the Day of the Dead celebration. Over the recent years, they have become even more popular and are a huge hit at Halloween events. With this get up, all you’ll need to do is add some flowers to your hair and you’re set. Face paint can also work for creating skeleton costumes. 

2 – 2020

Do you remember not long ago when both 666 and 13 were the most terrifying numbers you’d ever seen? 2020 has certainly made a comeback and is now on the top of all of the others. So, why not join in on the fun and celebrate the scariest day of the year in style? To get ready for this one, all you’ll need to do is write 2020 on a t-shirt and head out to terrorise the town.

3 – A Ghost 

Ghosts are among the most classic costumes that you can ever come across. They’ve been such a hit for many reasons. 

Queensland-based celebrant Jay Flood notes that you can literally throw on a bedsheet with a few holes and you’re good to go. “Talking about the ultimate last-minute halloween costume, it’s hard to go past being a ghost. Everyone has the equipment needed, or at least everyone should. It can also be a nice surprise when people ask who the ghost is, only for you to pull up the sheet and reveal yourself!”

Ghost costumes create high impacts with the least effort. A simple white sheet and a couple of holes are all you need to be on your way; if you’re interested in adding a nice touch, you can easily use a hair tie and add some other accessories. 

4 – Smartie Pants

This smartie pants costume is the perfect combination of tricks and treats. However, be prepared for a bit of wordplay. This is another amazing example of how easy costumes can be. 

Wellness entrepreneur’s from a leading Sydney Detox Centre say that smartie pants are the best, because you’re walking around with a snack! “It’s a clever play on words, that’s for sure. What’s even better is that if you glue them to your pants, you can open up the little box of smarties and have yourself a mid-party snack that everyone will be super jealous of.”

To get started, you’ll need to simply attach treat-size packs of Smarties on your pants and you’re set; if you want to be even more creative, you can easily switch up and take on the role of Rambo. 

5 – It’s Raining Men

If there’s rain scheduled for Halloween, why not accessorise with an umbrella? To make the perfect “it’s raining men” costume, you can easily attach photos of men to the umbrella using some fishing line. Throwing in a pair of boots and a neat raincoat that will compliment your entire outfit also goes a long way.

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