Why Alva Beach Is North Queensland’s Hidden Gem

The hidden gem known as Alva Beach is around an hour away south of Townsville. With abundant wildlife and sand dunes, Alva Beach is the ideal location for those in search of the perfect sunrise shot. Fishermen and kitesurfers love visiting this beach, while Ayr Surf Life Saving Club adds to the safety and security of this beach. Alva is also the home to Yongala Dive, one of the easiest and fastest ways to gain access to the SS Yongala, a world-famous dive wreck.

Close Proximity To Other Places

Alva Beach is one of the more relaxed Burdekin locations, and only 15 minutes away from Ayr. Permanent residences and holiday homes fill up this township, with Alva Beach a short walk over one of the sand dunes. There is also a lookout point on the right, close to the entrance of this township. 

Plenty Of Aquatic Exploring To Do

During low tide, Alva Beach offers a fantastic spot to explore, with tons of birdlife, shells, and small crabs. The sand bars on the outskirts create an inshore lagoon area which is very popular with the kite surfers, especially on weekends. This beach also attracts many fishermen, with anglers bringing in impressive catches.

Jay Flood, a Queensland-based celebrant, says that being amongst the water is one of the best things a person can do for their minds. “It’s hard to describe the feeling when you’re in the water, but it almost feels like nothing else matters in the world. It’s just you and the waves. It can help clear the mind, and even if it’s doing an activity on the water like fishing, it gives you a purpose and something to focus on.”

During summer over the weekends, Alva Beach is constantly patrolled by Ayr Surf Life Saving Club. Situated here since 1926, this club is among the oldest of the surf clubs in North Queensland. It is important to practice caution when swimming at this beach due to the marine stingers and conditions that can rapidly change. 

Alva’s Yongala Dive offers accommodation and runs a Diving Shop. They specialise in different PADI dive courses, along with trips (only available during the day) on offer to the SS Yongala wreck. The famous dive is rated among the best when it comes to the Great Barrier Reef. If you plan to visit Alva Beach for a day, it is highly recommended to bring along a barbeque lunch or picnic. You can enjoy your lunch in the Alva Beach Tourist Park close to the popular surf club. 

The Unrivalled Views Of The Wetlands

Alva Beach is closely situated to the most stunning wetlands you have ever seen in your life. This area is the perfect spot for taking photos with so many contrasting colours and hues on display. 

Jay Flood also says that having a peaceful landscape can help to calm the mind and body. “Picturesque views can help an individual to block out all of the noise and just appreciate the world we live in. Also, even something as simple as taking a photo can capture the moment and allow you to remember where you were at that point in time.”

The outer sandbars that have created an inshore lagoon on Alva Beach are one of the favourite spots for Kitesurfing. It is one of those watersports that has increased in popularity over the last few years, that it can almost be compared to a type of cult following. Alva Beach is one of the top spots for anyone interested in learning how to master this sport.

The Ever-Changing Landscape

From low tide to high tide, the landscape undergoes dramatic changes at Alva Beach, offering many more opportunities to explore. During low tide, this beach is packed with crabs spread out over the sandbanks. You can also explore all the salt pans located behind this beach once the ocean draws back. 

Telecommunications mogul Neil Royle has visited Alva Beach previously, and notes that the beach is different on each trip. “That’s the way the tide works, but you get to have different things to do depending on the tides. It also intrigues me as to how the tides actually work, but most importantly, it gets you thinking about how incredible it is that the beach basically becomes two different things depending on the tide.

Alva Beach is just as beautiful when the sun starts to set, and a top location to watch the moon rise. 

If you are planning on swimming from October to May (stinger season), make sure you are wearing a diving suit.

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