5 Ways That Humanism Leads To A Meaningful And Fulfilling Life

Humanism is a way of living that seemingly not many people are aware of. Rather, not enough people are aware of. But in this piece we hope that you gain an understanding of the ways in which humanism can lead you to living a more meaningful and fulfilling life.

1. Humanists are all about defending the rights of humans

Ahmed Shaheed is a UN Special Rapporteur that got the Freedom of Thought Report (2018) at the UN (New York) from Elizabeth O’Casey who is the director of Humanist International. This shows how important the work of humanists are within various human rights bodies so that the rights of all humans can be protected, defended and promoted. 

2. Humanism is a global movement

Humanism is a global movement that is quite active through most, if not all countries throughout the world. 

Maddy Kucuk, an Australian luxury transportation expert, highlights the communal aspect about humanism and how it’s connected him with people all over the world. “Joining a community where you have similar thoughts and beliefs only serves to strengthen bonds with people. It builds that community spirit that can be hard to find in other areas of life.”

The members of Humanist International Organisation typically refer to themselves as humanists which basically solidifies this trend as a brand. 

3. Being a humanist opens up conversations

Australian mental wellness entrepreneur Bob Lane notes “When you introduce yourself as a humanist, you will be regarded with curiosity and most people will be quite interested to know more about you.” 

On the other hand, people who define themselves as being secularists, atheists, freethinkers etc, they are typically met with prejudice and many people would not be as interested in learning more. So, by being a humanist, you are more able to define who you are as opposed to being pre-defined by other people. 

4. Extremely dynamic

Typically speaking, the vast majority of humanists look at issues in a very progressive, contextual and liberal way. They carefully examine, evaluate and observe the issue before making any decisions and they are actually willing to change their thoughts or actions should they need to. 

5. Opens up opportunities

Nutrition expert Lisa Renn stresses that “by calling yourself a humanist as well as defining your organisation in the same way, this can go a long way in helping it to become more successful.” 

Humanist organisations typically find it much easier to be taken seriously while doing advocacy and lobbying as opposed to other organisations that use various other labels. 

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