The 5 Garage Door Styles Everyone Needs To Know About

A garage door can be, and is, a significant investment for every home.  It plays a crucial role in not only keeping your home/garage safe but also adds an aesthetic appeal to your property as well.  The garage door is usually the very first thing passers-by, and visitors will see, a reason you need to choose the best one for the job.  With the many different designs and types of garage doors in the Australian market, identifying and picking the best one can prove to be a challenge for many.  This is because you need to consider, among other factors, the extreme Australian climate and other elements that the door will have to withstand. 

Garage doors in Australia thus need to be solid and durable enough to keep your garage/home secure and safe from all the nasty elements out there. 

Outlined below are the top 5 and most preferred garage door styles for the market here. 

1. Sectional Garage Doors

Sectional doors are designed to roll up against the roof, allowing you easy access to the garage space. Commonly known as panel doors, these garage doors have sectional rollers that enable them to be slid up and down easily without taking up much space. These doors are remarkably durable and robust; hence come in handy in keeping your property secure and protected from harsh weather elements.  You can also choose to invest in custom panel doors if looking for a bold ‘statement’ look and feel. 

2. Roller Garage Doors

Roller doors are a strong yet versatile option you can go for, for your garage. The door is essentially an entire sheet of rollable steel with a centre drum for increased ease of use. 

For Karl Ammoun, an Australian air conditioning entrepreneur, roller garage doors are the best no-fuss, no-frills option you could want. “If you want something simple that does the job, a roller garage door is for you. It protects my vehicle as well as the other items in my garage, and there’s no fancy button or anything to press – you just lift it up and pull it back down when you’re done.”

You can choose this door for almost any garage regardless of the size of the opening. Most Australians love these doors, for they offer lots of headroom as well. 

3. Tilt Doors

Tilt doors are mostly recommended for those working with limited space in their garage. It comprises a single solid panel that opens outwards and up into the ceiling of the garage. One of the advantages of choosing a tilt door is the fact that you can have it custom-designed with feature windows included. 

Waste management expert Zena Fares uses a number of tilt doors across her business and can’t recommend them enough. “With tilt doors, it allows for a fair bit of customisation which I love. They may also appear a simple contraption but it does what it needs to do. It’s also great against the Aussie weather, too.”

The door can be clad with almost any material, including copper, aluminium, plywood, and Perspex, among others. 

4. Custom Collection Doors

You can have your garage door custom-designed to fit your specific needs and description too. The best thing with custom collection doors is you get to choose what materials and frames to use for the same.  As it is, custom doors provide a sense of freedom as well as a chance to step out of the usual prefabs on the market to a unique one. A good manufacturer, such as steel-line, should be able to fabricate a custom door for you in no time. You can also shop for their custom designed garage doors, such as the slatted sectional aluminium door, the aluminium louvre garage door, and the mesh sectional security doors, among several others. 

5. Timber Look Doors

Timber garage doors add a sense of warmth and depth to your home. This is unlike the cold look and feel that steel offers. Timber doors provide a personal, classic, and yet stylish look while allowing room for design and aesthetic modifications. 

For Nikole Grbin, an Adelaide-based health expert, a timber look presents an inviting and homely atmosphere. “It’s crazy to think that your garage can have such an effect, but timber for some reason creates a relaxed atmosphere where people feel at ease. Having it on the garage only adds to that, and people often make positive comments about it when they come over.”

A good number of Australians prefer timber look garage doors to the others. They are thus the best choice if looking for a bold but natural statement.

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