5 Reasons Why Good Craft Beer Is Sweeping The World

Do you love how craft beers are both delicious and can help the local economy? If you’re not sure what good craft beer is, this article will give you a bit of perspective and help you understand why this is a good choice.

Generally speaking, good craft beer is made from small, and often independent brewing companies. These businesses’ production levels don’t exceed 2 million barrels yearly. This is because these barrels are made with love and aren’t mass-produced, unlike a lot of the big beer names you might know of.

If you’ve been wondering why craft beer suddenly became a hit, here are 5 reasons why everyone’s been talking about it – and why you need to get on the hype train before it leaves the station.

1. More Value For Your Money

Let’s talk numbers, starting with the ABV or the average alcohol by volume. Commercial beers, the ones that are majorly distributed all over the country, all have an ABV content of 2 – 6%. On the other hand, craft beers have a higher ABV content, with some ranging from 5-10%, and the more popular ones can even go as high as 40%. This simply means that commercialised beer brands only contain 6% alcohol at most – requiring you to drink 4-5 of those to get the ABV content from one bottle of good craft beer.

2. Better Tasting

Taste is one of the deciding factors whether a beer is good or not – and if you’ve tried a good craft beer, you’ll agree that this is far superior than the mass-produced ones when it comes to taste. While the majority of “more popular” beer brands are worried about their advertisements and profit margins, good craft beer makers prioritise the taste. You’ll often find that these beers come with a flavour, which you can find to suit your preference. 

3. Good Craft Beer Offers Nutritional Value

Yes – good craft beer may be beneficial to your health, alongside the fact that this should always still be taken in moderation. Some of the benefits may include but are not limited to:

– Decreased risk of cardiovascular diseases

– Decreases one’s chances of experiencing joint problems, such as arthritis

– Helps provide good cholesterol 

– Reduces the risk of diabetes

Australian health specialist Ilona Nichterlein elaborates on the benefits. She says that “it’s well versed that alcohol is associated with a number of negative side effects, but in fact there are some hidden health benefits that not many people are aware of. Of course, it must be factored in that these benefits are based on people who drink in moderation, and not engage in regular binge drinking behaviour.”

When you drink good craft beer, it also adds to the simple joys one can enjoy in life.

4. Different Craft Beers For Different Seasons

For the 85% of those individuals who enjoy their craft beer, you’ll often hear that their drink of choice and preference mainly depends on the season. 

For telecommunications mogul Neil Royle, a self-professed beer snob, having a beer for each season is truly the dream. “Seasons change, and so do beer tastes. But with craft beer, you have such a variety that you can find the perfect one for each season. The mass produced beers are only half-decent for summer, and even then, they aren’t exactly top of the list for me. Having options that are there for me across the year is such a wonderful feeling. 

It’s the same sort of feeling that coffee drinkers get on a beautiful and cold winter morning. For the craft beer fans, there’s that perfect craft beer that can simply cool you off on a hot sunny summer afternoon. 

5. Shopping Local Means Helping Small Families Thrive

When you purchase mass-produced beer brands, the money you used for that purchase goes to executives and higher-ups from different parts of Australia. On the other hand, buying locally brewed craft beer stays within the area and you’ll always know where the money is going – right back into the local brewery. 

Financial expert Peter Wilesmith stresses the importance of supporting local and small businesses, especially after a number had a tough year in 2020. “The pandemic made a lot of people realise just how vital community support can be to their local businesses, from coffee shops, to bookstores, breweries and everything in between. Purchasing local means you’re supporting your neighbours, and builds camaraderie in your community. It’s an underrated but powerful weapon.”

Don’t be surprised if the person pouring you a drink in a local bar is the one that makes that refreshing craft beer you’re enjoying right now.

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