Shipping Containers Houses and Accommodation, Realise Your Dream

For many, the cost of owning a home is beyond their reach. Homes are extremely expensive and with house prices on the rise, most people will never realize their dreams of owning a home.  There are some other really great options that are much more affordable for those who want to own a home. Over the last decade or so, shipping containers have become a great option for affordable housing and offer those who want to have their own home the opportunity to realize that dream.

Shipping containers are highly portable and very affordable. These containers can be delivered to any location in the world and places in any configure that it desired. Many people have built incredible homes using only shipping containers as the basic building blocks. Windows and doors can be easily added to containers and the cost of one shipping container is a fraction of what the same size of unit would cost to build out of traditional building materials.

People who want to rent their home have experienced great difficulty in recent years in finding suitable, affordable accommodation. Shipping containers can be purchased, modified and moved to any location that is desired.  Increasing rents can be avoided by simply moving a shipping container to a rental location and moving into that container.

Student Housing

Along with today’s increasing need for housing, students have no place to live in many school-based cities because rents in general are much too high for students to afford. Shipping containers offer an affordable option to students for a small, suitable rental that ensures that the student has a safe place to call home during their time away at school. These units can be modified, moved, stacked, reconfigured and utilized by students for decades into the future.

Many schools are purchasing shipping container homes for their student population, to supply students with a good place to live while attending school. These units are very affordable to schools and can be sold when they are no longer needed. If a newer school is just getting off the ground and looking for accommodation, shipping containers are a great starting point.

Award Winning Designs

Many new designers are emerging and creating award winning designs with shipping containers. If you are like most people, you cannot imagine a shipping container as a home. Modern designers are able to take these containers and utilize the space by maximizing it and ensuring that the container has the best set up possible, with the best use of space. Plenty of people have a dream to build and own their own home in an ideal location but that dream is completely out of reach with the high cost of building materials in a market that is priced extremely high at the moment.

Shipping containers are like a blank canvas that can be modelled and shaped into many incredible designs.  All it takes is some imagination and some good design ideas. You can decide on the different elements that you want included in your shipping container home, sketch them out and include them into your new home.  Many modern designers specialize in what is know as the “tiny home” concept and offer a wide range of options for the best use of space in your small compact home. The money that you save in building and designing your tiny home can be used to purchase a larger property with more space. If you decide in the future that you want to expand your home or make it larger, you can always purchase more shipping containers and add on extra rooms to your home. If you decide to move your home, that can also be done. With so many affordable options for owning a home made possible with shipping containers, you can dare to dream about the many elements that you want to include in your new home. Most people are unaware of the availability of shipping containers and that is a shame because they make home ownership possible for those who would not otherwise be able to own a home.

Shipping containers offer a better option for building. The containers are upcycled for use in buildings, saving time and money. They are also less expensive than traditional building materials and offer more options when it comes to configurations and a faster build.

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