Guide to Baby Headbands – Overview of the Different Types

Baby headbands are the ideal accessory for babies, especially for those photo opportunities because most babies do not have much hair, so it is fun to add a cute decoration to their head. Baby headbands add a focal point and are generally an accessory to an outfit for your baby. There are many different types of headbands, making it hard to choose just one! Since they are affordable you can choose several different types of headbands to coordinate with a variety of outfits.  Here are some of the different types of baby headbands:

Large Bow Headbands:  This headband features a large bow which is usually placed at the front and top of the head of the baby.  Perfect for little baby girls in dresses, can be matched to many different outfits with colours and materials. There are many styles of large bow headbands including boutique bows and double bows. Large bows are usually worn at the front of the head, across the forehead, but if they are extra-large, they are on top of the head, so they do not droop in front of the baby’s eyes.

Vintage Feather: a headband that has a vintage look with feathers in the style of 1930s flappers. Perfect for any occasion, particularly more formal ones. Choose headbands with different numbers and groupings of feathers, including different colours and styles. Feathers are so elegant and can also be used on halo-style headbands with matching wings.

  • Special occasions: Whether it is Christmas, Easter or another special holiday, there are headbands to celebrate each one. Some headbands have interchangeable decorations so that you can have one or two headbands and just change out the decorations to suit whatever occasion you are celebrating. Some of the decorations are quite large while others may just be smaller clip on style decorations.
  • YoYo Headbands: this style of headband features a large crotchet-style flower with a smaller flower inset in the larger flower. If you love flowers these are perfect for little baby girls and look great when you dress your baby in a pretty flowery dress to match. There are many varieties of these simple headbands including wider bands with multiple accessories attached to them.

Hearts and Bows: this style of headband features pretty hearts and bows and is lovely on any girl baby. The hearts and bows are two of the most feminine features on baby headbands, you can choose them in different colours and styles. Hearts can be on the fabric and then have extra hearts attached to the bow in a variety of places. Bows may be attached to the headband or the bow may be formed when the headband is tied at the top in a bow to place the headband on the baby’s head.

Top Knot: a style of headband where the decoration is located at the top, can be any combination of designs. This style can also be in a turban headband which makes your baby look all grown up and sophisticated. The top knot headband is tied at the top of the head instead of at the back and may have decorations near the ends of the band which will be more noticeable when the tie up is complete.

Headbands are also available in skinny bands or wider bands, depending on which you prefer or which one you like best on your baby.  Headbands are a way to dress up your baby, and for some, because the baby has no hair, can help to confirm the gender to people so that they do not ask awkward questions. Aside from that, because your baby does not have much hair, you cannot style it, and a headband is a nice way to dress the baby up to match a dress or other cute little outfit.

It goes without saying that you should never leave a baby unattended while wearing a headband. Babies are curious and they will grab everything in range.  If it is on their head, even better, they have easy reach and will remove things from their heads. You might want to try with a relatively low-cost headband before you order a bunch of them so that you can experiment and see if your baby will stand a headband on their head.

Some babies will tolerate headbands while others will remove them immediately. You can try with head bands that tie, to place a headband on your baby and see if it stays on. Try to put a headband on when the baby is sleeping and leave it loose. Sometimes a baby will not notice the headband until they have worn it for a while, so this is a good time to try and take pictures. You can also try putting headbands on the baby when it is very small and cannot remove the headband yet, just make sure it is not too tight.

The baby will be accustomed to having something on their head so as they get a bit older, they will not bother with trying to remove the headband. Never leave a headband on a baby when you put them into their bassinette or crib at night unattended. Headbands make great accessories when you want to take pictures with the family or just of the baby. If your baby is teething or is otherwise unhappy, it is not a good time to try and get them accustomed to wearing a headband.

Once your baby is used to wearing headbands, you may want to expand your selection into a full range of headbands in every colour and style for every occasion. These also make great gifts for people who have just recently had a baby. They are perfect for those “just leaving the hospital” photos or other pictures of the new family member. Whatever the occasion, there is a special baby headband for your baby that you can choose to dress your baby up.  Everyone will love how adorable your baby looks, especially you. The photos that you take of your baby are sure to leave lasting memories and make special keepsakes for family members and friends too.

Images supplied with permission from Baby Headbands  Their baby headbands are handmade in Australia using only top quality fabrics & accessories!

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