Tiger Containers Melbourne: Your Answer For Quality Shipping Containers


If you’re looking to buy or hire shipping containers in Melbourne and Australia wide, then Tiger Containers is a national Australian owned company you’ll definitely want to deal with. In this post we’ll be taking a closer look at Tiger Containers, what they offer, and why the company should be your number one choice when it comes to shipping containers for all requirements and purposes. They are one of Australia’s biggest and best container companies, so let’s discover why that is.

About Tiger Containers Melbourne

Some container companies only offer limited choices when it comes to your options for buying or hiring shipping containers, but Tiger Containers offers a broad range of container types as well as services. Although their main base is in Melbourne, the company has depots all across Australia, so the entire nation is covered.

What this means for the customer is that the company can deliver your shipping container to many parts of Australia, something a lot of other container companies don’t do.

Apart from being a well-respected Australian owned and run business, Tiger Containers has been operating successfully for more than 30 years now, which speaks volumes for the professionalism and customer service they offer. Add in the fact that they do container customisations and offer shipping container accessories, and the entire spectrum is covered.

Tiger Containers Melbourne really is your one stop container shop.

What Shipping Container Types Does Tiger Containers Offer?

As mentioned earlier, some container companies only offer a few different types of shipping container, but Tiger Containers has something to suit everyone. Most people are familiar with the standard type of shipping container, which is the most common for sure, but it’s not the only type of cargo container people need. Let’s list some of the different types of shipping container available:

  • Standard shipping container – The most common, stock standard variety of multi-purpose cargo container.
  • High cube containers – Has about one extra foot of headroom to accommodate taller items.
  • Reefer shipping container – This is a refrigerated shipping container to transport perishable goods. Temperature can be set to the desired level. Also good for food storage.
  • Open top – This container has no roof and is designed to be a top loading container for machinery and large, heavy items that need to be lowered in by crane.
  • Side loading – Rather than having the doors situated on the end of the container, one side has two extra large doors for easy loading and unloading, as well as accommodating large items.
  • Flat rack containers – These containers can be dismantled for easy stacking, storage and transportation. When required, simply put the shipping container together for transporting or storing goods.
  • Dangerous goods shipping container – A fortified container purpose built for carrying and housing hazardous materials such as acids, explosives, gases and more.

Chat to the staff at Tiger Containers Melbourne about your requirements and they’ll be able to tell you which shipping container is right for you.


Available Shipping Container Sizes

There are three main lengths when it comes to shipping containers and they are:

  • 10ft container
  • 20ft container
  • 40ft container

By far and away, no matter what the purpose, the 20 foot shipping container is the most common and popular size. It’s just enough to suit most people’s needs, whether you plan to transport goods, store items, or convert the container for other uses.

The mammoth 40 foot container would be next in popularity and is great for those large transport loads, so long as the goods are not too heavy.

The 10 footer is great for those on a budget looking to transport or store small amounts of cargo. It would be the least popular of the three common sizes, but Tiger Containers has all three on offer.

If you really need a specific size, then you can have a container modified to your specifications, or even have one custom built. It’s definitely an option for special circumstances.

Tiger Containers Offers Shipping Container Modifications

These days shipping containers are used and repurposed for a variety of different needs and applications. While primarily their main function is the safe and secure transportation of goods and storage, you’ll find a shipping container is the perfect building material for a lot of things. Here’s a snap shot of what people use shipping containers for these days:

  • Transport & storage
  • On-site offices
  • Home office space
  • House extensions
  • Granny flats
  • Man cave, she shed
  • Backyard or business workshops
  • Garden sheds
  • Ablution blocks
  • Roadside kitchens
  • Pop-up stores
  • Mobile food shops
  • Cafes
  • Restaurants & bars
  • Tiny homes
  • Jail cells
  • Emergency housing
  • And more…


The great news is that Tiger Containers has a specialist department that deals in container modifications for all the above purposes and more. The company will help you design your project and bring it to life, for a great price and in quick time.

When it comes to building with super solid steel shipping containers, anything is possible, and the good news is that buying a container is cheap and the majority of the build is already done before modifications even take place.

Why Choose Tiger Containers Melbourne?

Whether you’re in Melbourne or any other part of the country, Tiger Containers should be your number one choice when you’re looking to buy, hire or modify a shipping container. For quick reference, here are the main reasons to choose Tiger Containers:

  • The company has been operating for well over 3 decades
  • Tiger Containers has the experience you can count on
  • They are one of the biggest and most trusted container companies in Australia
  • Aussie owned and operated company
  • Buy and hire both new and used shipping containers
  • Tiger offer a broad range of shipping container types and sizes
  • They are specialists when it comes to container modifications
  • If you need container accessories, Tiger has got you covered
  • 3 month warranty on all shipping container purchases
  • Tiger Containers delivers to most parts of the country
  • And more…

The Takeaway

If you need a shipping container for any purpose, talk to the staff at Tiger Containers Melbourne. You’ll find they can service all your needs, which means you only ever have to deal with the one company for all your requirements.


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