CreditWorks PPSR Portal

The PPSR exists to help ensure those offering business credit maintain ownership of goods and receive the money owing on loans and lines of credit, even when a company goes out of business.

To make life easier for creditors, CreditWorks offers a PPSR Portal to make registering with the PPSR a breeze.

About CreditWorks

CreditWorks is a company that has been focused on providing more transparency in the credit referencing industry for more than two decades. Things like personal credit scores, commercial credit scores, credit reporting, business credit and commercial credit can all be confusing for everyday people to comprehend, and that’s where CreditWorks steps in and simplifies things. The company offers an all round solution for all things credit related, particularly in the commercial sector.

Just some of CreditWorks services include:

  • Credit Reporting
  • Retention Insurance
  • Credit Outsourcing
  • Financial Solutions
  • Credit Management
  • PPSR Services

What Is the PPSR?

If you’re unfamiliar with the PPSR the letters represent “Personal Property Securities Registrar”. This registrar came about due to the instigation of the 1999 Personal Properties Security Act, a New Zealand Government run website.

The registrar is all about protection for lenders, enabling users to register their personal property security interests for anything other than land.

1000s of businesses go bust every year, often leaving behind unpaid bills and loans. Unsecured creditors won’t see a cent of the money owed to them as any money acquired from liquidated goods and equipment goes to the “secured creditors” first. That’s why it’s vital you register your personal property security interests on the PPSR database.

CreditWorks is here to help with that.

How Will the Credit Works PPSR Portal Help You?

The whole idea of the CreditWorks PPSR Portal is to take all the guesswork and headaches out of registering and monitoring your security interests. You can utilise the PPSR Portal to register your interests yourself, or you can choose to have the expert team at CreditWorks do so on your behalf.

It’s a very modern, self-managed portal and has been designed to be extremely user friendly. It’s yet another new addition to the CreditWorks suite of credit services, tailored to make your life easier.

Let’s now highlight some of the key benefits of using the CreditWorks PPSR Portal:

  • If you have many personal property security interests to register, there is a handy bulk upload option that really saves you a lot of time
    • Registrations with the PPSR do expire, but fear not, as the system notifies you of any security interest due to expire so you can renew them well before the expiry date
    • Not only does the portal make it easy to register your interests, but it also allows storage of documents, such as statements and and other relevant financial information
    • The PPSR Portal also automatically monitors for name and status changes of businesses you’ve extended credit to
    • Competitive prices for the portal service means it’s the cheapest option on the market for registering and keeping tabs on your securities and credit interests

To take advantage of the CreditWorks PPSR Portal, simply visit their website or chat with one of their friendly staff.

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