How to Lose Weight: 9 Tips And Tricks to Get You Ready For Summer

Weight loss is a common topic today with scores of people trying various ways and approaches to tone down and drop some weight before summer rolls around. 

For many people, mindful eating is the only way forward to losing weight. Some will even avoid eating certain foods in an attempt to lower their calorie intake. 

Without a good plan, none of these methods/approaches would work. 

The first step to losing weight is by determining your calorie requirements and how much you take in a sitting. The average man needs about 1500 calories per day to maintain the recommended weight, while a woman needs 1200 calories. 

Productivity isn’t just for the office. By being productive with your diet and reducing your intake of calories, you may shed off several kilos in body weight. However, you need to set realistic goals and understand what foods are working with you (and which are working against you) to be able to lose weight without putting yourself at risk. 

Fad diets and quick fixes might work in the short-term. But in the long-term you’ll end up back where you started, if not further behind your weight loss goals.

If you have tried several weight loss regimens without luck, try the following 9 weight loss tips and tricks outlined below. 

By changing your attitude, your diet and your actions, you can get the summer body of your dreams.

how to lose weight for summer

#1 – Cut Back on Alcohol

Alcohol contains plenty of calories in the forms of sugars which may trigger insulin resistance. Which then result in weight gain. 

Cutting back on alcoholic drinks, or quitting alcohol altogether, is a safe ticket to weight loss. This can be especially effective for daily drinkers. One Mojito or Chardonnay may result in hundreds of extra calories into your system. 

Most alcoholic drinks do not have any nutritional value; which is the main reason you should quit drinking if you want to put your weight loss goals first. If you can’t do without your favourite alcoholic beverage though, consider switching to something mixed like white wine spritzer, and take a glass of water after each glass of wine. 

#2 – Switch to Unrefined Carbohydrates

Many of the foods we consume today contain a high number of processed sugars and refined carbs. These ingredients cause a spike in blood sugar levels triggering increased production of insulin. 

Insulin acts on these sugars, converting them into body fats which are then stored in adipose tissues and around body organs. The best way to avoid refined calories and the body fat they create? Go for whole grains instead. 

The best foods for high-quality, slow-burning carbs include:

  • stone-ground wholemeal bread
  • brown-basmati rice
  • jumbo oats
  • whole cereals

#3 – Avoid 50/50s

Almost everyone today craves for sugar and fat dense foods.  

What’s your favourite food after a long day when all you want is that one sweet treat?

These typically come in the form of fatty and sweet foods.

Think fudge brownies, cheesecake, doughnuts, and other deep-fried food options. 

According to the nutritionists at Proactiv Health, foods with a 50:50 fat: sugar ratio interfere with the body’s ability to self-regulate. They explain “this makes it harder for your body to regulate the rate of intake of sugars and fats; a factor that leads to weight gain. This is not an issue when you eat either of those macronutrients alone. So cutting down on foods with a 50:50 fat: sugar ratio can help prevent weight gain.” 

woman refusing fatty foods for apple

#4 – Incorporate the Mediterranean Diet

The Mediterranean Diet is considerably healthier than many diet plans that lead to weight gain.  

Switching to this diet plan can see you cut down on unhealthy carbs and calorie intake without sacrificing flavour or the joy of eating good food.. 

Some of the foods that comprise the Mediterranean diets include:

  • whole grains
  • Vegetables
  • nuts, fruits
  • lean protein
  • low-fat dairy
  • olive oil

According to the weight gain treatment experts at Get A healthy Life, the Mediterranean diet can do more than simply help you shave off a few kilos for summer. They explain “the Mediterranean diet is beneficial to cardio-vascular health and is said to promote health and reduce chronic disease, so it’s not just about reducing your belt size, but increasing the quality and quantity of your life. Well worth the switch.”

#5 – Go for Vegetable Soup

Did you know that taking soup before any main meal can help you cut down on your food intake by up to 20%? Studies conducted at Penn State University show that soup contains liquids and solids known to induce satiation, hence a great appetite suppressant. 

This means you should consider swapping the regular lunch bar for veg-based soup if you want to give yourself a weight loss boost during the day. 

#6 – Stick to the ¾ Rule

This rule applies to all of you looking to lose weight and maintain the perfect body shape. 

The rule is simple. Fill up 75% of your plate with veggies, then the remaining 25% to be split between carbs and proteins. 

These will provide your body with all the essential nutrients it needs while cutting down on calorie intake. 

#7 – Serve the Right Portion

The size of your plate and the portions you serve yourself makes a huge difference when trying to lose weight. 

Consider using a smaller plate to help you manage your food intake. According to research, most of us eat about 92% of the portion served regardless of the size of the plate. 

You can avoid this by using a smaller serving plate to reduce the risk of overfeeding. You will still need to watch how much you eat when you head over to restaurants though. As portion sizes have increased over the past few decades you’ll need to stay disciplined. 

Worried you’ll struggle with portion sizes? The weight loss experts from Lose Weight Hypnotherapy have a simple trick. They explain “studies have shown that we tend to eat more when we serve our own portion sizes. If you are struggling to hit your portion targets, let someone else serve yours while you serve their meal. This is a quick and easy way to dodge this psychological trait.”

#8 – Skip the Juice

Cutting fruit juice from your diet can see you reduce your calorie intake even farther. 

This is because fruit juice is mainly made of sugars and very little fibre. Instead, consider having an apple or orange whenever you feel like having a glass of juice. Eating the fruit as a whole means you get to eat the valuable and nutritious fibres that come with it. 

You are also less likely to eat more than five oranges in one go as you would if the oranges were pressed, so there’s less chance of over-indulging. 

To cap off the weight loss benefits polish off your fresh fruit with a glass of water too!

oranges and orange juice in glasses

#9 – Switch to Sugar-Free Coffee

If you want to really achieve your weight loss goals and make 2020 your year, it might be time to say goodbye to your beloved coffee.

Or at least cut back.

Your regular cup of coffee is often loaded with creamers and sugar. Switching to black coffee, herbal tea, or green tea, however, eliminates these calorie-dense ingredients – this makes it a little easier to cut back without going full cold turkey. 

Mindfulness experts Mukti Freedom Yoga explains that cutting back on coffee can do more than just help your physical health. They explain “becoming your best self in life means finding a balance in the body and mind. More than a way to lose weight, cutting coffee back can reduce anxiety, balance your body’s pH levels, and improve your ability to absorb vitamins and minerals. So you can find calm without coffee.”

A frothy latte can pack more calories than your lunch,so if you want to hit the beach with confidence, it’s time to make a healthy change. 

Switching to sugar-free coffee is another way to make a change that helps to bring your calorie intake even lower without completely removing everything you love.

Use the tips mentioned above to ensure your body is running at full speed so you can make the most of every single day.

Got any other suggestions or tips we missed?

Let us know in the comments!

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