Wondering If You Are Doing Fine Healthwise During A Pandemic?

Let A Health Assessment Rid You Of Your Worry

The Gold Coast Medical Centre of Medicross Medical is the recommended place to visit should you feel the need for a health assessment during the COVID19 pandemic. The centre though urges everyone to call and book an appointment, do not book online and don’t visit the centre prior to booking an appointment as of now. This will ensure social distancing and a lesser risk of exposure to the virus.


With the COVID19 refusing to mellow down and the amount of fake information circulating on the internet these days, it’s a panic situation, what do you do if you have other medical emergencies? Do you risk staying at home and not know if you are infected or do you visit a hospital?

As recommended by the doctors it’s best to do a self-analysis after inquiring from the doctors. Should the case be a severe one, visiting the centre then is the only option remaining?

However, flu and chest pain or discomfort in breathing do not conclude that you are COVID19 positive. A health assessment is recommended to ease you of your worry. So the first step is to call the emergency services.

Health assessment during emergencies

An assessment of nutritional and health status is the initial step to giving a health care and should happen in the initial days of a crisis. Components that influence the wellbeing and sustenance status must be identified and a reconnaissance and reporting network established.

Assessments can include a list of inquiries or assignments that staff members will request you to perform. These are utilized to understand whether there is an issue. Assessments are frequently rehashed so as to help measure your progress and identify your ongoing needs. This helps ensure you get the best care in medical centres and assists with planning for when you leave the.medical centre.

Get help with your hormonal changes!

Even during an emergency, your body will continue to function and hormonal changes amongst the ladies might occur. What is the way ahead? The Gold Coast Hormone Clinic is highly recommended. Why? Before we get into that let’s check how to go about it.


In your first consultation, they will take a detailed clinical history, and find out about what side effects you’ve had and how they’re influencing you.


They’ll at that point plan a treatment program that incorporates natural supplements and easy lifestyle adjustments, with the capacity to recommend Bio-Identical Hormones (BHRT) if stronger relief is required.

Regular CHECKS

They keep in touch all through your transition and routinely check if your treatment is doing what it should.

Indications of Hormonal Imbalance

Swelling, exhaustion, irritability, going bald, palpitations, mood swings, issues with glucose, trouble concentrating, infertility – these are only a couple of symptoms of hormone imbalances. These compounds influence each cell and system in the body. Hormone imbalance can incapacitate you. Few hormonal shifts are normal, similar to a month to month variances of sex hormones responsible for the menstrual cycle and ovulation or the changes that happen during pregnancy.

Menopause is another type of a typical hormonal shift in a lady’s life. Numerous ladies may encounter weight gain, state of mind swings, night sweats, and lessened sex drive during this time. On different occasions, these fluctuations might be because of a medicine or an ailment.

Whatever be the reason, for safely monitoring and treatment of any hormonal changes, Medicross Medical’s Gold Coast Hormone Clinic is the place to go to.

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