How To Become A Real Estate Agent In QLD

For those who are looking at a career in Real Estate let it be said that it can be one of the highest or lowest paid jobs you will ever have depending on the effort you put in and what you learn in your first 12 months in the industry.

With that said your career options are endless in Real Estate, from Sales and Property Management to administration or marketing.
Some people opt for entering as a personal assistant to a high performing Agent and thus learning the ropes from a proven performer.Real Estate Training Courses in Brisbane

Before you can be employed by a Real Estate Office you need to complete the required study via a Registered Training Organization or RTO like Complete Property Training.

Course usually run each month in most major centres in Qld and are about 3 days in duration to complete the entry level Real Estate Certificate.

Choosing a Registered Training Organisation

The options here are endless as the market is littered with companies offering cheap online courses that often lead to students receiving little to no support from these companies to complete their studies.
Over 40% of students who start an online course don’t complete them and then go looking for a classroom option where the guidance and support is offered.

Complete Property Training is the only Qld Training Organization that delivers Real Estate Licence courses in class with the ability to complete your studies during class time, meaning no large assignments at the end.

The costs involved in completing a course and applying for your certificate are less than $1000.00 pretty good when you consider the earning potential could be in the hundreds of thousands at the elite level.Brisbane Real Estate Training

So the first step as mentioned is successfully completing the required study, at that point you will be issued with a statement of attainment.
You will then in turn apply to The Office of Fair Trading Qld who issues all licences and certificates for Real Estate agents.

The part in this journey is to wait the usual waiting period of 4 weeks for the appropriate checks to be performed.

The Office of Fair Trading will conduct a number of suitability checks

1. You must be over 18yrs
2. Must pass a police check (good fame and character)
3. Complete the appropriate study
4. Must be and Australian citizen or have a working Visa

Once you have received your Certificate you are able to work for any Fully licenced Real Estate Agent or Agency in whatever capacity you choose, Sales, Property Management or Admin.

The next level of licencing in Real Estate is known simply as the Full Real Estate Licence, this licence will allow you to either work independently or perhaps open your own office and employ staff.
This course takes about 6 Days to complete and covers all aspects of Real Estate, Sales and Property Management.

There is a Real Estate award that covers Real Estate Agents minimum wages, but most people don’t enter the industry to earn the minimum award as its only designed to be a support to get you up and running.
Most experienced agents opt for a commission only Payment or to be what’s known as an independent contractor meaning you are not tied down like an employee and you work your own hours quite often from home.

For more information contact Complete Property training on 07 54388922 or


Guest Post by Peter Ford, Complete Property Training


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