Research Backs Employee Referrals As A Top Recruiting Resource

The internet has, of course, changed the way we do business. We can now connect with current and potential clients all over the globe — you’re not limited to just who knows about your business in your town or who has done work with you before. And technology and the internet has also changed how we find employees to fill positions. No longer are we limited to just those who might respond to an advertisement in the paper or see a posting on a job board.

Even with those changes, however, there’s something that remains a great way to find employees that are a good match for your business: referrals from current employees. This presents a number of advantages, not least among them is that the person is able to vouch for that potential employee, and also share with them what the work environment is like to they are better prepared. In fact, employee referrals are the best source of quality hires. Even with all the statistics, though, employee referrals remain under-funded as a source of new employees. That’s because those employee referrals end up staying longer at a company than other employees who come through different avenues. This graphic offers some more insights:


The Network Effect: Why Referral Networks Are Helping Today’s Businesses Thrive

Infographic by AkkenCloud

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