A Guide To Planning Your Australian Wedding


Once your significant other pops the question it’s time to start thinking about planning your wedding. Although your wedding is one of the most important days of your life, planning it can be very stressful, particularly if you are a person who procrastinates. Most couples are planning their first and only wedding so they want it to be unique and special. So where should you start? We will discuss the key points you should consider and their timeline for completion.

Agree on a Budget

There are certain parts of your wedding that are going to be expensive while others can be obtained for a much lower price.  Decide what the overall budget is, including funds that your parents will contribute and come up with a final figure. Sit down with your fiancee and create a list of all of the things you will need for a memorable day. Once you start to request quotes from various vendors you can adjust your budget accordingly.  Having a rough budget is necessary in order to move on to planning.

Decide on Your Wedding Party

The very moment that you let everyone know that you are engaged, your friends are going to start wondering who is “in”. Decide and agree on your wedding party participants as one of the very first things that you do. Remember that you should have an equal number of bridesmaids and groomsmen as well as a a best man and maid of honour. The best man and maid of honour should be people who are reasonably organized and can assist with the festivities. They are also primarily responsible for planning the bachelor and bachelorette parties, so choose carefully.

Create Your Guest List

Once you know what your budget is, determine what is allocated for your meal and drinks. From that number you should be able to determine the cost per guest and then decide how many guests from that number. Everyone should create a list, including you, your fiancee and your parents. From your lists, determine who must be invited and who can be eliminated from your list if your number is too high.

Decide on the Date

If you have your heart set on a particular venue, you should book it quickly to save the date. You can plan the rest of your wedding based on that date. If the date is extremely meaningful, then find a venue that has that date available and plan your wedding around it.

Book Your Officiant

Whether you will be using a clergy member or a justice of the peace, remember that they have busy schedules and need to be booked in advance too. Once you have a venue and a date, this is the next most important item on your list. Contact your officiant, book them and sign a contract, if necessary. The most important thing is to ensure that they are available on the day you need them.

Hire a Photographer

A good photographer is key because they will be photographing some of the most important moments in your life and you want to ensure that every incredible image is captured. If you need help choosing a photographer, ask your friends for recommendations and then interview several candidates. Ask to see albums of previous weddings that they have completed, ask for references and make sure you provide a deposit to secure their services for your big day. Discuss the shots you want the photographer to take including pictures of the wedding party as well as any important guests.

Book Your Entertainment

At the reception everyone will want to dance and party so you better have someone available who plays amazing music and gets everyone on the dance floor, even your grandma. Be sure to check that the DJ has all of the music that you want to hear at your event and request any songs in advance that are important to you. Sometimes it is only a matter of downloading these songs, but requesting your music in advance is always helpful to the service provider.

Book Catering Company

Caterers are always busy, so this is another service provider that you will need to book well ahead of your date. When you interview caterers, you must have a number of guests in mind so they can present you with options for meals. Ask for samples of the various dishes that they serve and ask for an idea of how the tables will be laid out and what will be served on each table. Most caterers have a variety of options for every price range.

Other Details

Once you get the bigger details nailed down, you can work on the minor ones. It’s a good idea to get a binder and keep contracts in it along with receipts for deposits and other purchases. Some of the other details include:

  • Choose wedding dress
  • Book honeymoon destination
  • Select invitations (and send them out)
  • Shop for bridesmaid dresses and tuxes for groomsmen
  • Choose flower girl and ring bearer (if applicable)
  • Prepare timeline for your big day and distribute to key people
  • Choose and order cake
  • Choose and order flowers
  • Book rehearsal dinner and venue
  • Choose and appoint a Master of Ceremonies
  • Purchase rings
  • Obtain marriage licence
  • Create seating plan
  • Set up hair and make up appointments
  • Purchase gifts for wedding party members


If planning a wedding is just too overwhelming, consider booking a venue that takes care of everything for you. The amazing professionals over at Weddings at Tiffanys can help you with the ceremony location, the meal planning, decorating, accommodation, entertainment and transportation. We can help you to plan your big day by providing you with options including accessing our discounts with our suppliers so that every moment of your wedding is completely special. Relax and leave every minuscule detail to us, we will plan a day that you will never forget for the rest of your life.


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