The Benefits of Advanced Motorcycle Training

Find out more about advanced motorcycle training and how it can help you become a better rider. We look at who needs it, why you need it, and what you need for advanced motorcycle training.

advanced motorcycle training

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Who needs advanced motorcycle training?
Why get advanced motorcycle training?
What do you need for advanced motorcycle training?

If you enjoy riding motorcycles, then you’re already appreciative of the sense of freedom that comes from it, the mental discipline required, the community that comes with riding; as well as the thrill that one gets being on – possibly – the coolest machine ever. But if you’re a riding enthusiast, then you must understand the risks involved.

Regardless of how confident you are on your motorbike, we can all agree that there are a lot of benefits to be gained from advanced post-test insight and a professional rider’s advice.

In addition to helping you understand how to handle your beloved machine better; an advanced motorcycle training course can prepare you to deal with adverse road conditions as well as help you identify potentially difficult situations while on the road so that you have adequate time to avoid them. Perhaps more critically, advanced motorcycle training will help you maintain a strong, visible presence while you’re on the road.

Who needs advanced motorcycle training?

Basically, if you own a motorcycle and are not a professional rider; then advanced motorcycle training is for you. More specifically, however, advanced training is for:

  • Riders that are very comfortable with their bike and are at the limit of what they can learn by themselves,
  • Riders who haven’t had any formal motorcycle education or training although they have loads of riding experience,
  • Riders who have graduated from basic rider training and are looking to take the next step, as well as;
  • Riders seeking to make a significant improvement in their overall motorbike handling skills.

If you’re also getting back to riding after an extended hiatus, an advanced motorcycle training course can help you brush up on your skills and keep you sharp as you re-acquaint yourself with your former hobby.

Why get advanced motorcycle training?

Why Get Advanced Motorcycle Training

There are several reasons why any motorcycle rider should complete an advanced motorcycle training course. The top reasons are:

  1. Improved road safety

Whether you’re a commuter using your motorcycle to get to work on the daily or a riding enthusiast who just wants to take leisurely rides on weekends and holidays, taking an advanced motorcycle course will make you a safer rider.

Advanced training will teach you – among other things – how to identify and anticipate hazards while on the road for precisely controlled reactions, how to improve your vigilance, and will help you get better control of your bike. All these will serve to improve your safety while you’re on the road.

More importantly, advanced training will teach you how to ride defensively which is a must-have skill for riders due to their increased vulnerability – as compared to those driving in cars.

  1. Improved confidence

Whether you are driving a car or riding a motorcycle, you will agree that confidence is key when you are on the road. Learning how to remain safe while on the road and having a deeper understanding of your machine are definite confidence boosters. This is especially important for novice riders who’s lack of experience could affect their confidence levels.

Essentially, the more skilled you are, the more confident you are going to be when you’re on the road. Confidence is important while riding as it helps you to remain calm in stressful and potentially dangerous situations for better decision making – which is key to keeping you safe overall.

  1. New skills and abilities

It’s widely assumed that the training you acquire while securing your motorcycle license is the only training you’ll ever need to operate a motorcycle. This, however, is insufficient to guarantee your safety as it only covers the basics.

Advanced motorcycle training helps you develop two important aspects of personal riding skills. You acquire the skills you need to effectively operate your motorcycle as well as the skills needed to understand the behaviour and attitude of other road users.

And because you’re learning from an experienced professional, there’s always the chance of picking up a nifty riding trick here and there to add to your skills repository.

  1. Cost savings

Once you complete the advanced motorcycle riding course, you’ll adopt a new way of riding that protects you and other road users, and also helps you save on fuel and maintenance costs for your bike. That’s because you’ll be adequately skilled to get the most from your machine and your riding. Being able to avoid accidents will also help save on maintenance costs as well, of course.

Because you’re less prone to be involved in an accident, sometimes insurance providers might lower your premiums by up to 15% if you have taken an advanced motorcycle training course. But this will vary depending on your insurance provider so be sure to confirm with yours.

  1. Meet other riders!

If you’re new at riding or haven’t had the opportunity to meet other motorcycle enthusiasts, enrolling in advanced motorcycle training gives you the chance to meet other riders and form/join a riders’ community. Advanced training is often done in small intimate groups which gives you an opportunity to interact with other like-minded individuals with whom you could enjoy your hobby together with.

What do you need for advanced motorcycle training?

You will require the following to take an advanced motorcycle training course:

  • A higher rider license. To learn advanced stuff, you must first understand the basics. Naturally, having a higher rider license before you enrol for advanced motorcycle training is the logical thing. Advanced training is meant to refine your skills and, therefore, doesn’t really deal with the basics.
  • A motorcycle. Advanced motorcycle training aims at improving your skills on your motorcycle – the key phrase being “your motorcycle”. It’s best to enrol with your own bike so that you don’t spend time acquainting yourself to a new machine that you will, most probably, not use afterwards.
  • Enthusiasm! Riding is meant to be fun; even when you’re learning. So be enthusiastic about the new level of motorcycle riding you’re entering and enjoy!

While riding (motorcycles) is a lot of fun, it does come with a significant amount of risks. Having Advanced Motorcycle Training ensures you get to enjoy the hobby you love while still being safe. You don’t have to sacrifice one for the other.


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