Why SEO Professionals Have A Hard Job

In theory, you should be able to build up your traffic from the most basic of techniques that you have read on so many websites before. They always have these flashy headlines like how they claim they get 100,000 views on a post over the span of a few weeks or even a few days. All that you have to do after that is building up back links, sit back and then watch your rank shoot up to the top of the page.

That’s all you have to do right?

Not at all.

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Because there is a lot more that’s at work. The reason why SEO is such a challenge is primarily because the landscape, or the rules of the game, are constantly changing. What crazy methods we try today may not work at all 6 months later. Or hell, even next week.

Why The Game Keeps Changing

The main source of all of these changes comes down to search engines themselves. They are routinely updating standards and guidelines to enhance a user’s experience. Look at the search engine Google and you’ll see updates of their main algorithm for ranking go through at least 500-600 changes every year. That’s one or two updates that algorithm goes through every single day! To top that off they have major updates rolling out once every year if you are lucky.

At the end of the day, because of these constantly updating algorithms, search engines such as Google, Bing, and others are constantly serving up the best results for their users. This requires for us as business owners to ensure that what we are providing is always top notch whether it’s a product or a service.

In the end, making improvements is highly important to keep customers happy because search engines are always updating as well.

So What Does It Take In Order To Rank Well?

SEO is certainly important and it’s good to be aware of trends as well as techniques to try out. So what should you be aiming for as far as techniques? Well, that’s a really good question, however it’s smarter if you are more focused on getting qualified traffic rather than focusing on getting a higher rank on the search. Indeed, we should be focusing less on the rankings and spend more time getting eyeballs on the the site itself that’ll get our customers.

To do that, here are some things to be keeping in mind in order to be ranking well. These techniques are tried and true and have been a reoccurring theme ever since people started to obsess over SEO.

Writing amazing content – You’ve heard “content is king” before right? But what does it mean? At the time, a page rank was influenced by how often a keyword appeared in a text. As time has gone on, the algorithm has gotten smarter and now recognises what the content is all about. These days what you are actually writing on the page is more important. Keywords today are simply that, a keyword. It sets up the topic and sets the tonne of the piece. The last thing you want is to stuff keywords. You want your article to be genuinely helpful.

Following basic SEO rules – While others say SEO is dead, it isn’t. SEO has simply evolved like so many other things. It’s causes professionals to change their approach and techniques as well. Content, no matter how helpful or fantastic it is, will always need a little bit of SEO in it. This means optimising your site is still important if you want to have a successful campaign in getting organic searches. So organise your site well, use some tags, make the site user friendly to tablet, mobile, and desktop users. By doing the bare minimum of that, you are optimising your site to perform better than ever.

Being active on social media – Social media has been playing a major role in our lives these days. While it’s technically optional and isn’t directly boosting our rank, it’s still a vital part to any campaign. If you’re on social media, you are only creating more awareness of yourself and your brand. This is helpful as this too signals to search engines that you are still delivering something valuable that your audience is into. Furthermore if you are engaging with your audience on the platform it further enhances the audience experience too. It builds loyalty, trust, and gives them better odds that they’ll share the content and click-through.

Think out of the box – You are not required to reinvent the wheel here, however be bold in experimenting and try new things. This will only help you in staying on top of things. As mentioned above, search engines are always evolving so you need to be figuring out regularly what is the best way to get your target audience and deliver your content to them.

Ref: https://www.websitestrategies.com.au/ 


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